‘TeamSambhava’ as the name refers, we are a group of passionate people working together as a team for a better society. We are registered as an NGO in the state of Telangana and are operating in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Our activities are mainly time based, where one can spend some quality time in Social service. Our key areas of operation are Skill Development, Mentoring of Students and Child Education Support.
Our Vision is to give every student the best possible start in life by supporting them to achieve their full potential, allowing them to grow and develop their talents in a supportive environment. We aim to mould strong personalities who take upon the challenges of life and convert opportunities into achievements. We dream of an energetic,confident and skillful student comunity that is progressive both in the Physical and Mental realms and strive for the betterment of our society.

We work on Mission mode to solve the most challenging problem of the society, that is bridging the skill gap to make the students self reliable. We firmly believe that Technology is the tool that can make our mission possible. We take up technology guided projects to train the students to become skillful and mentor them at every critical stage to come up as better individuals. Our online and offline training sessions, hands on workshops,youth fests, personal mentoring programs,financial initiatives to support child education,expert opinions and talks,’TeamSambhava Android App’ are to name a few initiatives of ‘TeamSambhava’ towards fullfilling the mission.

Your contribution makes our work possible. Whether you contribute your time and resources or advocate for a good cause, you make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives. Here at TeamSambhava, you get ground level exposure on some of the most diverse social causes and practical approach of addressing them.

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Our Events

Be it the Online courses or Offline workshops and mentoring sessions or ground activities, the events at TeamSambhava are designed in such a way that help to bring out the best in the student community. Spardha, Bodha and Vidhya are the programms conducted by visiting the student community face to face and interacting with them.E-Vidhya is the complete online programme that helped many aspirants in improving their skills in various technical and non technical domains while being at the comfort of their home during the pandemic and afterwards.YuvaSpardha is an annual fest organised by TeamSambhava, that is conducted in colleges to nurture the spirit of social service in the youth.Subash Educational Aid is one unique programme of TeamSambhava, where we not only financially support the needy students but also continuously monitor thier progress and mentor them.
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Our Programmes

List of all programmes that we are offering.


The programme Vidhya is a pursuit of TeamSambhava to make the students academically sound and excel in their studies. This programme is centered around creating genuine interest and enthusiasm in the students for learning academic subjects and building solid foundations for their career. Vidhya programmes are conducted in schools and orphanages, where Face to Face interactions are arranged with the academic experts for clarifying doubts in academic Subjects and concepts are explained using real life examples.


The Bodha programme is designed for improving life skills of the students and make them self confident.These skills help them in the future for ensuring adaptability in their professional and personal lifes.As part the programme students are trained in communication skills,decision making skills,failure management,team work,time management,critical thinking skills etc. This programme is conducted at schools and orphanages , where the students are trained by the senior professionals in essential skills through interactions, games and real life examples.



The goal of Spardha programme is to identify the hidden talents in the students and introducing the ideology of TeamSambhava ‘each one help one’ to them. Competitions are conducted at Schools and Orphanages where students are encouraged to showcase thir skills in painting, music and dancing etc. Our volunteers try to identify the spark in them in friendly interations and fun filled activities and support them in pursuing the interests further and at the same time try to cultivate the sense of social responsibility and service in the young minds.

Subash Educational Aid

Subash Educational Aid

The Subash Educational Aid is a child education support programme of TeamSambhava named in the memory of our volunteer subash who worked extensively on the project. Students who are in dire need of support to continue their education are identified by our volunteers.The applications are filtered and scrutinised rigourously with ground level verification,personal interview,merit and assessment of necessity. Then the applicant is  directly connected to a donor and granted scholorship to support his stuides.



TeamSambhava initiated the projet Gnana, to make available right content and right guidance that is curated by the experts to the student community irrespective of their location and physical accessability. TeamSambhava-Gnana android app is launchged with high quality content regarding career guidance,interview preparation and with strategies to inculcation habit making in students. The android app is available at google play store, and anybody can download it and register for free to make use of the content.



YuvaSpardha is a unique kind of social fest conducted at the college level with the aim of nurturing social concern in students and to introduce them to social service activities.

YuvaSpardha provides a grand podium for all the young minds to learn from the experience of social enterprenuers and to  share their views and ideas.YuvaSpardha2k20 was conducted at sri sarojininaidu college wiht the collaboration of the NSS wing in the year 2020, which was a grand success introducing many young minds to the field of social service.

Volunteer Center

Our events are fun filled and yet bring in great learning experiences for the volunteers. Here at TeamSambhava sambhava you can get perfect blend of novices working together with the accomplished experts in the field of social work.

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Team sambhava - Gnana

Team Sambhava initiated the project Gnana, to make available right content and right guidance that is curated by the experts to the student community irrespective of their location and physical accessibility. TeamSambhava-Gnana android app is launched with high quality content regarding career guidance, interview preparation and with strategies to inculcation habit making in students. The android app is available at google play store, and anybody can download it and register for free to make use of the content

Our Proud Partners

Be it a successful campaign that reaches the community, or an innovative project that impacts many lives, or a grand event that targets a specific cause, we partner with like minded organisations and NGOs who share our vision and together we fulfill the mission.



What People Say About Us.


Principal | Sarojini Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalaya Nampally, Hyderabad

My association with ‘Team Sambhava’ was incidental. As the Principal of Sarojini Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalaya, there were many activities carried out by the staff and students and one such activity was carried out by the NSS wing of the college involving the volunteers. It is here that I came across ‘Team Sambhava’ and their leader Sadgururnath.

An association which began with the conduct of inter-collegiate competitions ‘Yuva Spardha 2k20’ appealed to us so much that we entered into an MoU with them. The highly spirited Team Sambhava volunteers, ever willing to render their services for any kind of activity, may it be competitions, awareness programmes, training sessions, working towards empowerment of student community, all have been excellently handled by contributing their valuable time along with their busy work schedule.

Even during the pandemic, the Team has been relentlessly organizing virtual events for the benefit of the students.

I wish all success to TeamSambhava for all their future endeavors.

Rakesh Narayanam

Rakesh Narayanam

Director | MCML Projects Private limited

I feel glad and humbled to stay connected with the Team who relentlessly keep up their work for a better World. I loved the fact that every activity TeamS always come up is one of it’s kind. To be part of TeamS, all we need is that passion for humanity and transferable skills. To be with TeamS will always be one of the most rewarding endeavors in my Life

David R

David R

Principal | Govt. Polytechnic Narpala

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour. I am glad to speak about Team Sambhava . Around two years ago, I got introduced to TeamSambhava. I just wondered about it’s name & meaning. I am very glad to say that they are  true to their name.

Mechanical Engineering Students of Government Polytechnic, Anantapur will ever remember the valuable help received from Team Sambhava in the form of Centre of Excellence. I wish the Team all Sambhavas in future.

Laxmaiah M

Laxmaiah M

HOD & TPO | Government Polytechnic, Masab Tank, Hyderabad

The workshops and mock interviews conducted by the TeamSambhava at our campus were very interactive, informative, and quite interesting. All the participated students very much enjoyed the sessions and benefited greatly resulting in being placed in reputed organizations.

I truly appreciate the team’s contribution in empowering and up skilling the student community by sharing knowledge and useful resources, which made a difference in their lives.We are very happy to be working with the TeamSambhava for their unconditional social service and efforts being made towards the wellbeing and upliftment of students. We wish you all the success in your future endeavors