Medical Camp in Sheep NGO and Adarsh foundations.

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 God cannot be everywhere, so He sent the doctors with excellence and selflessness ‘

TeamSambhava has successfully completed second Medical health check up in SHEEP NGO and Sai Adarsha foundation.

Our heartful thanks and gratitude to Dr.Brajmohan, Dr. Sachin & Dr. Pranathi for your valuable time on weekend.

Our special thanks to Nirmala Garu, SHEEP NGO founder & Nageswar Garu, Sai Adarsha founder.

Annam Parabrahma swarupam’ thank you to Sai Adarsha foundation for providing lunch to our Volunteers.

It’s a very special day and remains some good memories. As always Kudos to our energetic and enthusiastic team for your time on your busy schedules.

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