We help students to attain goals

by helping them mentally and financially!


About us

Team Sambhava is a group of passionate professionals and students volunteering and promoting social service. We emphasize on empowering students by sharing knowledge and mentoring them to reach their goals. We focus on uplifting students from various backgrounds, providing moral support creating confident and independent individuals. We are currently working primarily in Hyderabad, but planning to expand to other regions as well in future.

What makes us special!

Our Team is our strength. By team we mean every volunteer and every supporter of TeamSambhava, who are putting in selfless efforts for a common cause.This makes us unique. Our vision to make the student community self reliable, confident and mentally strong makes us unique. Our tireless efforts to accomplish our mission through technology driven and innovative methods makes us unique.

What else we cover apart of education

Even thou our main area of focus is education, we do our bit in serving the society in various other means as well. Environment and trffic awareness campaigns,serving the patients and elderly people at hospitals and old age homes,blood donation leads are to name a few.

Where we stand today

Our Story

Our Core Team

Media coverage

Various eminent media organisations recognized our work and presented our story on their platforms. These media houses range from community blogs and portals to reputed news papers and tv channels. Please click below to know more.
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