An NGO – My understanding by RamMohan Andol

An NGO: Non Government Organisation – My Understanding 

By RamMohan Andol
Founder of VisionAdventure
An NGO for Sports Development

Dear Friends,

It’s time for us to understand an NGO and its Activities beyond its mere definitions and legalities. The definitions and legalities are freely available for all of us to browse through. What is important is to
know the Spirit behind this term NGO.
As we all know that the acronym NGO stands for non-governmental organization. With only slightly more specificity, an NGO is any organization, usually non-profit, that operates independently of a government.

A Simple Understanding of Government Organisation: A govt. organization is an organization run by the Government of a country or a state for the overall growth, peace, equality and Development of the
Country and its people. To do this it includes all the sections of people and institutions; uses tax collections for its various programs, plans, schemes, activities and actions.
Government understands that through its organizations alone, it cannot address all the issues of the society. The Government recognizes the fact the there are a Special Set of Humans who can help the Government in its main objectives of growth, peace, equality and development.  In the grass root level a lot needs to be done. Hence, the Government allows these Special set of Humans to form associations
and work on certain social issues at the grass root level.

A Simple Understanding of an NGO:
An NGO is an organization formed by like-minded people to contribute towards the growth, peace, equality and development of the society.
These people are the Special set of Humans who are ready to work and contribute without expecting any profits or gains in return.
These Humans are grounded and understand the burning issues and needs of the society. They are connected to real people and their requirements. These Humans are self-motivated, leaders, creative, daring, loving, compassionate, simple, ethical, spirited, have a great will power etc. They never look for appreciations or recognitions; they BRING ABOUT A HAPPY CHANGE that is much required for others.
They just find happiness in the SMILES of helpless people around.
An NGO is an extended and a parallel arm of the Government to address the unaddressed issues of the society through these Sets of Humans who are rooted and motivated to serve. An NGO knows that all the Schemes, Policies and Programs cannot be run by the Government Organizations alone. We the People of this World also can help Govt. and contribute to the overall development of the Society
through NGOs.

Can NGOs make profits: The answer is, YES; NGOs can make profits through its activities; the difference is the profits should be used only towards the cause or objectives of the NGO. The profits cannot be distributed amongst its members for any kind of a personal use.

Can NGOs Employ and Pay Salaries: The answer is, YES; they can employ and also pay handsome salaries too. The strength of any organization is the Right People.

Can an NGO run without FUNDS: Very tricky to answer this question in this materialistic world! Today Education is measured by MARKS; An Organization is measured by its Financial Reports; The success of a
person is measured by his Assets. With this backdrop it would be very difficult to understand that NGOs do not come into existence with FUNDS or for FUNDS.

An NGO is formed for a social cause. In order to work towards these social causes, an NGO has to effectively network with like-minded People, Government, Media, Corporate world, Associations etc.

The required Resources are generated by involving the people from the society. The Resources could be Human, Material, Natural or Financial.
An NGO can encourage free or paid MEMBERSHIPS.
An NGO can, from time to time appoint, train and use the services of VOLUNTEERS for it various activities. Volunteering has evolved over a period of time. NGO’s now-a-days also plan to pay Honorarium to the Volunteers.
The success of an NGO is not measured by its financial reports. It is rather measured by the social benefits towards the target audience of the society.

RamMohan Andol

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