As part of Subash Financial Aid. Team Sambhava are supporting students financially and morally.

We are happy to inform you all that our TeamS is growing day by day and doing selfless service to students wherever required. As a part of Team Sambhava Vidya we are supporting students financially and morally in the best possible ways.

As of now we are supporting 3 students

1. Niharika ( studying journalism course in Shillong)

2. Swetha ( guided her to get admission in polytechnic college in Hyderabad)

3. Guna Sekhar ( Studying 10th class now) All the above students are poor and having single parent. Mother is working as a maid. We are looking for donors in two aspects.

1. For paying their fees ( For Niharika & Swetha it’s done for now as they are funded by government. Only for Guna Sekhar we need to pay fees)

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