Donate a ‘Sanitary PAD’ on your birthday. Gift your time in providing awareness.

One particular social problem is bothering me for a long time, that is ‘Menstrual Hygiene’ in women of backward and uneducated sections of society.

According to a recent study – “Only 12% of India’s 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins (SNs). Over 88% of women resort to shocking alternatives like unsanitised cloth, ashes and husk sand.Incidents of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) is 70% more common among these women.”

I am from a family where I don’t have sisters. Don’t have idea about the Menstrual cycle and even don’t know the problems behind the smiles of the women.

We don’t know about back pain suffered by women.. Even today we don’t have complete awareness of menstrual cycle.

I always wonder why we are not educated with this kind of stuff. Even after marriage also women feel shy to ask their husband to bring Menstrual PADS for her. People feel shy to discuss about this topic and even me at one point of time worried in talking to girls related to this topic.

I have heard many stories where girls suffer from many problems like white discharge, bacterial infections,bleeding without proper usage of Sanitary pads.

Once in my CSR meet I came to know that, in some places of North India people are using plastic covers, in few areas women are using sand and other dangerous material instead of Sanitary pads. In some villages they use same pad for many people.

Some articles at glance in this regard:

This Study That 88% Of Indian Women Do Not Use Sanitary Pads Is Nowhere To Be Found

AA rojullo surakshitanga – Article from Eenadu

I am right here to support you in distributing ‘Sanitary Pads’ to the needy . My basic idea is to provide awareness sessions in nearby schools related to ‘Sanitary an Hygiene’.

I need female volunteers to conduct awareness sessions. 

Why can’t we gift a Sanitary pad as our birthday treat to a girl in need.. 

I am looking forward for  your support and suggestions from your end in this regard.

Note: I won’t accept money, if you are willing to donate please buy pads and I can show the way to utilize them in a properly.

There are few NGO’s are working on distribution of ‘Sanitary Pads‘ but I don’t have contacts with them except Goonj.

If you have any contacts do share with me. We can work on it.

Please reach out @

for further queries and suggestions.





6 thoughts on “Donate a ‘Sanitary PAD’ on your birthday. Gift your time in providing awareness.”

  1. Good initiative Sadguru. Distribution of sanitary pads is definitely required in remote areas but the know how of the implications of not using them in the right manner is more important. Bringing in the education in the remote and rural sectors is very important and any effort in that area is very much appreciable. Keep posted on how you are planning to cover the rural and remote areas

  2. Hi Sadguru, it would be good if your team can join us for a couple of medical camps that we do in the remote villages near Manepalli and Sirivaram and spread the awareness and also distribute. Think over and let me know.

    1. Sure sir.. it is really a good idea to go to villages and to provide awareness sessions.
      As of now most of my volunteers are mainly located in Hyderabad.
      I will share your contact to the like-minded people in Bangalore towards service activities.
      I will give update on this very soon..

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