Dream Valley Resort Outing With Adarsha Foundation Students

” There’s nothing more pure than an innocent child’s smile. It’s just so radiant with unadulterated happiness”.

TeamSambhava always want to experience that innocent smiles.This time Swetha & Durga Prasad couple helped in achieving it by spending their kid ‘ PRATHAM’S ‘ first year birthday party expenses in creating memory to Sai Adarsha foundation students.

Pratham wishing you a very happy birthday and God bless you. Lucky to have such a great couple as parents.

For TeamSambhava members & Sai Adarsha foundation students, it will be a long lasting memory.

Our special thanks to Sai Adarsha foundation for accepting our invitation and sending students to resort.

Heartfelt thanks to all our team members who spent their weekend in a very special way. It’s your support results in their enjoyment.

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