E- Learning

Courses Offered

1.Basic English Communication Skills.

2.Advanced English Communication Skills.

3.Basic Microsoft Office.

4.Aptitude and Reasoning.


Course Outline

Basic Communication Skills

 Course Topics:

1. Introduction to Communication Skills

      a. What is Communication skills

      b. Objective of Communication skills

      c. Types of Communication skill

                  i. Listening

        ii. Reading

        iii. Writing

        iv. Speaking – 1:30hours

2. Listening  Key Points to remember while listening.

a. Exercise 1- Observations by students , Paragraphs and Questions & Answers

b. Exercise 2  Indian Accent Audio, Observations by students ,Paragraphs and Questions & Answers-3 Hours

Game: 10 – 15mins (Jumbled letters)

c. Principles of Listening skills

Video to understand the principles of Listening skills

3. Reading – Key Points to remember while reading

a. Exercise 1 – Observations by students , Paragraphs and Questions & Answers

b. Exercise 2 – Techniques/ Modulations in reading comprehensions – 3 Hours

4. Writing – Key points for writing skills

 a. Exercise 1- How to write email (Formal and informal)            b. Exercise 2  Write about your role model/ favorite festival – 3 hours

 5. Speaking – Key points for speaking skill

   a. How to introduce self

   b. Magic words in our daily life

   c. Alternative words useful in our daily life

Every Topic is been included with basics of communications such as parts of speech, tenses.

Note: Every Day would end with an interesting game (General) to have some


Entire course will be interactive sessions and taught through Zoom Webinars during the Time Slot 4 – 5 PM Every day.


Advanced Communication Skills.

Team Sambhava is planning to cover the following topics as a part of this course:

1. Introduction to Basic English Grammar and Structure

2. Confidence building exercises

3. Enhancing Reading Skills

4. Enhancing Listening Skills

5. Enhancing Speaking Skills

6. Enhancing Writing Skills

7. Dialogue building

8. Effective communication skills and pronunciation

9. Grammar Structure

10. Introduction to Formal Vocabulary

11. Formal Communication and Introduction

12. Resume Building

13. Preparation for Job Interviews

14. Mock Interviews.

Timings:- 9:30 to 10:30 AM.

Basic Microsoft Office


Working on Documents, text ,Font, Paragraphs, Tab tops, Border & shading, Bulleted & Numbered list, Styles, Headings, Previewing & printing docs, Getting help & Existing Word.


 Understanding Workbooks, Navigating in a File ,Typing Text or Numbers Into A Worksheet ,Typing Simple Formulas In A Worksheet, Filling A Series, Inserting And Deleting Worksheets, Copying A Worksheet, Renaming A Worksheet ,Moving or Copying A Sheet To Another Workbook ,Changing Worksheet Tab Colors, Grouping Worksheets, Freezing Rows And Columns, Selecting Ranges,Selecting Rows,Selecting Columns Understanding Formatting,Applying General Formatting, Changing Fonts,Changing Font Size,Understanding Borders, Applying A Border To A Range ,Wrapping And Merging Text, Understanding Functions, Using The SUM Function To Add, Calculating An Average, Finding Minimum Value,Common Error, Messages, Quick Formatting, Quick Charting,Quick Totals,Quick Spark lines,Quick Tables,Practice Exercise, The Charting Process, Choosing The Right Chart ,Using A Recommended Chart, Creating A New Chart From Scratch, Working With An Embedded Chart, Resizing A Chart, Re-positioning A Chart, Printing An Embedded Chart, Creating A Chart Sheet, Changing The Chart Type, Changing The Chart Layout,Changing The Chart Style, Printing A Chart Sheet, Embedding A Chart Into Worksheet, Deleting A Chart.


Creating Presentation.


Course will be taught through Zoom Webinars and Timings are 8:30 -9:30 AM.


Aptitude and Reasoning


1. Number System

2. Averages

3. Partnership

4. Percentage

5. Profit and Loss

6. Ratio and Preposition

7. Simple Interest

8. Compound Interest

9. Time and Distance

10. Time and Work

11. Allegation and Mixtures


1.Alphabet Test

2.Coding & Decoding

3.Blood Relations

4.Number Series



7.Venn Diagram

8.Number Series

9.Letter Series


11.Coded Inequalities


Timings:-11 AM-12 PM 


1. Testing of Voice
2. Basics of music
3. Prarthana song of ganesh
4. Annamacharya Keerthana
5. Tyagaraja Keerthanas

At the end of the program, students will be tested of the  lessons they learnt and will be graded accordingly.

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

our tutors

Neha Siricilla

Working as Content Moderator for Accenture.Completed Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.

Have good communication skills and expertise in teaching communication skills to students.

Gnana Kilambhi

Working as Employee in IT sector for 6.5 years as Senior Software Engineer.Completed BTech in G Narayanamma Institute of Technology &Science.

Shubrika Gupta

Working for Deloitte since 2 years.Earned various prizes in writing and speaking competitions over the years.

our tutors

Sruthi Shekar

Have 5 years of experience as a data analyst.Completed B.E in information technology.Have been head of the Debating society  and Participated in all literary events in intra College Competition.Editor of College magazine and writing blogs for her companies editorial site.

Phani Bala Annadanam

Computer Science Engineer with 14 years of IT Professional Experience.

Subhash Srikantham

Extensive Experience of 7 years in Supply Chain Management. He is one of the mentors for the course ‘Basics of MS Office’

our tutors

JayaSree Hampsagar

Completed her masters in Civil Engineering and also having an experience of 4 years in Civil Engineering domain.

Have Teaching experience of one year.She has good knowledge on Aptitude and Reasoning and one of the mentors for Aptitude and Reasoning Courses.

Prudhviraj Guntapalli

An MBA Graduate working as Assistant Producer in an Reputed News Channel for the past 6 years and has experience in teaching Aptitude sessions to Students and Job Aspirants.

Purushotham Manchem

An MCA Graduate,Having an experience of 8 years in US Healthcare,Currently working as a Subject Matter Expert in PrimEra Medical Technologies.Having a robust knowledge in arithmetic and reasoning and willing to share my knowledge.

our tutors

Haarika Thummuri

Works in a Startup,Classically trained for 6 Years in Carnati Music.Has given many concerts.

Chakravarty Anumachpalli

Working for United Technologies Pvt Ltd.Have overall 9 years of IT experience.

Interested in teaching and interacting with students.