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Hi Everyone!

This is Sravya,

First of all, congratulations on the successful start of your Blog, it’s fantastic!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful platform for people with the same interests and goals. And i’m truly blessed to have a friend like you. I appreciate you taking me on. I just want you to know that your work hasn’t gone unnoticed. I am writing today to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work and all that you do with people all over the world.

My Journey towards service:

I’ve been volunteering for over 5 years in Adonai Ministry. My journey started from here. Few things are more exciting than getting involved in a new project, working hard on it together with your friends and seeing how it evolves..

I want to be a good citizen and to create awareness in people. Inspiring people with inspiring causes. I love joining with people who are passionate about and committed to cause, and who can help whenever you need them.

Apart from that, I have volunteered in different roles; Participating in NSS events, trained students in Robotics workshop through VR1 Forever trust. Serving food in orphanages, Mentoring for HIV kids through Google Serve, Recording audio books for Blind people from (LVPE) Institute of visual and blind rehabilitation.

This has drawn on my life experiences, made me feel useful and given a real sense of accomplishment. I would recommend the experience to anyone who likes a challenge (big or small), and who enjoys meeting new and interesting people.

I am sharing few events here and let me know if you are interested.

Science through service to HIV kids

Lunch with love – Sravya & friends

*Help others to Help yourself*
*Purpose of Life*

Thank you everyone … and most of all thank you to Sadgurunath(Saddu).


1 thought on “Help others to help yourself – Sravya”

  1. I am really thankful towards your kind words.

    After starting this blog I am learning many new things in service.

    I am meeting new friends who are like minded towards service in different domains.

    Thanks for ur interest towards my blog and it’s really an inspirational journey in service Sravya.

    All the best..

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