Mind & It’s Control

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Is it really necessary to control our mind ? Why..?

We can see daily examples like people are struggling to wake up early in the morning..

Some people are addicted to mobiles some addicted to food..They really face challenge to get rid of some habits..but some people win and some people lose in the game of mind.



A simple difference between Mind & Brain is, Brain is a hardware you can physically feel it and Mind is like a software. Flow of thoughts is Mind.

Some small tips and tricks to go with..

1. ABYASA (reputation) & VIRAGYA (detachment):

For example I thought of wake up early and go to exercise. Daily we need to do struggle to wake up, some ten days we may win but 11th day your mind may win.

But you should not give up and you need to start again, this time you may win or your mind may..don’t stop giving until you teach that new habit to your mind.

Simply like spirit of sportsmanship.

You should not be strongly attached to anyone or anything it leads to the misery.


2. SHREYAS (beneficial) & PREYAS (pleasant):

Simple example for this is.. In our childhood days our parents forced us to go to school, at that time it is not pleasant for us but our parents think that it is beneficial for our future.

Another example is eating junk food is pleasant for us but it is not beneficial, so we need to have that awareness and need to improve it.

So you need to check and ask your mind once, that the thing you are going to do is pleasant or beneficial to you.

If it is not pleasant also it is Ok, but it should be beneficial to you.


It is not impossible to control our mind but it take time need to have some patience. Try this 3 steps. Please ask if you have any questions

Thanks for reading have a nice day..:):)

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  1. Doing work or activity or action for the sake of them and not with expectation of result the way you want keeps the mind or thoughts free of the work or activity or action. When this is seen clearly in your daily routine you will always be cheerful or joyful. When you are happy there will be love and where there is Love there will be peace. The mind is your friend or enemy it all depends on how it is put to use. Mano Moolam Idham Jagat and also Mano moolam bandham and moksha are attained.

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