Predictable to Memorable birthday party of Sai Krishna – Keerthi

 Hi Everyone,

This is Keerthi!

Firstly, congratulations to Team Sambhava for their fantastic work. Thank you Sadguru for creating such a wonderful platform for people with the same interest.
Im writing this on behalf of our group. Meet our group and it starts with Sai krishna Aitha, Bhanu Prasad Amara, Vijay Chinthakayala, Kalyan J, Sai Charan C, Atchi Raju Allada and Govardhan.
The thought for our service activity has started from planning Sai krishna’s birthday celebrations. We planned many things, but were not satisfied by our planning.Later came the thought of service activity and discussed the same with our group and we all believe in:

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love – Mother Teresa.

Hence planned for a small event, and confused whom to approach. Then came our guru of service into picture from whom we can learn what actually service means, Mr. Sadgurunath. With his guidance we have reached Amanvedica at masab tank.

This made Sai Krishna’s birthday celebrations from predictable to memorable.

 With the help of Sadguru we have got a chance to get to know their need and bought books & stationary for their new academic year.

We had a chance to interact with children, answer to some of their funny questions and few of them from our group had a chance to motivate them with their experiences and also had some snacks & fun time where children showcased their hidden talents.

Once again I thank Sadguru for giving us this oppurtunity and Thank you Sai Krishna for supporting me in all my ideas. A big thanks to all my group members without whom this event would not be such a memorable one.
Hoping to plan some other event soon.

Keerthi Revalla

 Go through the video for dance performance from students there.

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