Soft skills training to Swadha Foundation students – Sadgurunath K & Akhila

Venue: Swadha foundation Study Center, Anantapur.

Date: 04 Mar 2018

Introduction to Swadha: Swadha Foundation is one of the NGOs which strives very hard to help students in providing free education. Not only free education, it also helps students to improve their communication skills, inter personal skills and I always love the way they choose to educate students using technology, conducting motivation session & role plays etc.

As a part of my journey, I have been associated with Swadha from past 4 years. I have a very special attachment with the students as well as Rajesh Mandyam who is taking care of the Swadha.

I have given many 1 hour or 2 hour session related EQ, Mind management, Importance of education in many schools, colleges & even for Swadha students, but this is my first Soft skills Workshop for 4 hour session to students and it is always special to me.

As of now I used to give sessions individually, but Akhila joined me to add more colors to the session.

We both taught topics like Emotional Intelligence, Mind Set, Communication & Body language with some interesting activities and lively interactions.

My special thanks to Rajesh Mandyam for providing a podium and Akhila for joining me and who has done a very good job in explaining the Communication & Body Language concepts in very simple and understandable manner.

Lastly my love to the students who helped in making session successful with their time and energy. I hope you guys enjoyed the session and thanks for your positive feedback.

Sadgurunath K

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