Summer is here…!

Summer is here…!

Do you know what is the most important thing a human should take care of??? Yes, it is health.

This is already March and we had entered into the brightest season of the year. When I am about to step out of my home, my mom shouts,”Anu take a bottle of water with you and go, its hot outside.” Thanks to my mom for reminding me and true its so hot and going to be immense hot outside. I just stay for no longer than 30 minutes in hot sun before I reach office, but what about people who work outside, people who are travelling for a long time or people who are poor and have none either to take care of them or to provide a glass of water when they are in glaring sun.

Having this typical thought in mind, we as a team from Team Sambhava had decided to volunteer a day in supplying butter milk to people around in hot sun on 24th March 2019. We have no idea on the quantity of butter milk we should have to provide people at the beginning, but to our surprise, in an hour, we got an immense response from people and we saw them gathering around us for a glass of buttermilk. We tried our best to serve at most 500 people that day. “It is only when we ask… we get to have some things in this world from minute to the largest.” But we had decided to help before they ask us. This is one of the successful events we had volunteered this week to help people who are in thirst.

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