Team Sambhava filled Potholes with joining hands with Sramdhan NGO Gangadhar Tilaka Katnam Garu.

” Stop accidents before they stop you!! ”

As a matter of fact we should accept that there are many accidents we across in our daily life due to Potholes.

TeamSambhava wants to do something about that, atleast filling some Potholes where we can minimal some accidents.

We want to learn about potholes, before teaching students we should have idea about that. We joined hands with Sramdhan NGO. Our Guru is Gangadhara Tilaka Katnam Garu. We can’t find better Guru in that field of road safety.

We have filled two Potholes near Panama which become dangerous and prone to accidents.

We are happy that we spend our time with such a great personality. We are thankful for your time in teaching us about Pothole filling and our heartfelt thanks to Mrs Gangadhara Tilaka Katnam Garu for her hospitalit

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