Things You Should Do before You Graduate….!!

Graduation- The most beautiful and also the toughest phase in everyone’s life. Until now, I strongly believe that you didn’t take any decision on your own. You have already taken the path which is travelled by lakhs of people.


Now the step which you are taking after graduation is going to be a major decision of your life. That will take you either on the path you love or in the path which others want you to do.

In graduation, in your own classroom, there is a professional photographer, an author, an actor, an entrepreneur, a singer, a sportsman and even an engineer sitting together and trying to pass each and every semester.

Graduation is a phase where you should go both “personally and professionally”. And the person who get most out of his graduation will be succeed.

This is the age where you should stop at once, and you should re-think your life and go on.


Are you finding difficult to find what you love??

Don’t Worry, One and the only way to find what “you love” is to find “what you don’t love”. 

and to find “What you don’t love” is to “Explore Things”.

Explore – Dream – Discover


Ask yourself??

Are you an engineer or an engineering graduate??

An Engineer: Who have love towards the field and love to do programming, innovate things, do experiments and most importantly passionate about knowing the subject.

An Engineering Graduate: Who loves to manage things, explore the world, loves to read history, loves to write, passionate towards acting, singing, dancing etc.


Click here to know “How to find your Passion?”

For Engineers:


Have you ever dreamt about building your own Android app?. If you are very passionate about building an Android App then, “LYNDA ANDROID” is the place for your dreams. This site provides the best course for people who are interested in android app development.

For Android Tutorials on Lynda(It’s from LinkedIn)



If you love to build websites then “w3schools” website provides the best content for students to get perfect in creating websites. The website contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, web building, Server side contents like SQL, PHP, Python, Node.js, Rasberry Pi and many more.

Go through w3schools

  • NPTEL:

Best website in our country which provides “FREE” Online courses on every field by IIT’s, NIT’s and IISC, Bangalore. After completing the course an exam is conducted in major cities and you will be certified from the Best institutes in India. The courses range from 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks. And they also have youtube Channel which consists of all kind of subject videos.


  • OpenCourseWare:

In this site, you can join courses provided by different worldwide universities. This website is Organized by “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”- Best University in the world. They provide different courses for both graduates and postgraduates.



  • Coursera:

This site provides all type of courses for technical, management, Economics, Professional Communication courses, Psychology, Humanities and on trending technologies like Machine learning, Deep Learning, AI, Cloud Computing etc.

Go to Coursera

Some of the similar sites which provide all type of courses from World’s best Universities are:

If you are passionate about programming, then go to websites like:

For ECE and EEE:(Engineering Tv)

Youtube Channel

In the above youtube channel, they will explain about all circuits working, rocket science and many circuits and machines through animated videos.


  • How stuff works (how stuff works). If you are curious about how anything works just go to this site and browse. You will get a great content or you can go to “” or ””.
  • If you are very curious to know about the latest technologies subscribe to the youtube channel (Nallamothu Sridhar).
  • If you are interested in building drones or if you are interested to know about them, just search “Vijay Kumar drones” in google.
  • If you are towards research, then go to Facebook and follow “”
  • If you want to learn about .net and Java “” provides the best courses.


For Engineering Graduates:

Work on your passion. Make your hobby as your talent.

  • If you passionate about writing, read books… more and more books and create beautiful content on blogs, Instagram pages, FB walls and in WhatsApp status.

Never worry about the number of audiences.

Size of your audience doesn’t matter. Give your best everytime.

Write and read different types of answers on “Quora”(Go to Quora)

Follow different writers and go through the sites which consist of great content.

If your heart is into management, then go through the websites like edx, coursera, Alison etc to learn about management. But if you want to experience more jump into practical things like organizing workshops, college fests and gain the experience.

Apply for campus ambassadors internships on Internshala or different intern platforms.

And to follow the great content follow “Harward business review” on FB, twitter etc. and If you want to do MBA in HR follow “peoples matter”.

If you want to do MBA follow “InsideIIM”(Inside IIM) and read all the important content to get to know about different management colleges.

Photography Online Classes(For photography).

Start where you are, Use what you have and Do what you can.

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