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Lunch with love – Sravya & friends

Location:  Mahima ministries, Hyderabad. Hi this is Sravya.. Today we are at Mahima ministries, Lingampalli We always love to celebrate birthday celebrations with children in orphanages where we are going to spend each and every penny with happiness and joy.. On this day we are celebrating birthday of Jerin Durai Raj, founder of Adonai Ministry. This activity is something special as we had an wonderful time with kids in orphanage. We… Read More »Lunch with love – Sravya & friends

Support to Champion(Madhavi Baragana) – Sadgurunath K & Team

Madhavi is highly talented Kick Boxer,  Marathon Runner and she also recently won gold medal in kick boxing held in malasyia and also qualified for Police Constable running competition. From KrishnaRao Sir working in Government high school we approached Madhavi. I feel lucky to meet her and I remember the discussion with Madhavi related to her goals and aims. That confidence in her words helped me to learnt many things… Read More »Support to Champion(Madhavi Baragana) – Sadgurunath K & Team

NGO’s List in Hyderabad & Bangalore – Sadgurunath K

Hi.. This is Sadgurunath K. I have been engaged with some NGO’s from past few years. I just want to give a glance about them. Swadha Foundation: This NGO works for welfare of students. They provide free education to +2 & graduation students. Apart from supporting for Free education, this NGO provides English communication skills, Interpersonal skills and other required trainings. 1Life.Org:  This NGO works for Suicidal Awareness related… Read More »NGO’s List in Hyderabad & Bangalore – Sadgurunath K

Be a Mentor- Sadgurunath K

Mentoring to students in near by Government schools / Orphanages- Hyderabad Overview of the event: We spend our weekend with students, to interact with them, guide them in their career As of now I have contacts in nearby government schools and orphanages and its a continuous activity in my life as well. We have good relation with Rainbow Homes Aman Vedika. If you are interested in doing service can join… Read More »Be a Mentor- Sadgurunath K

Soft skills workshop to Swadha foundation Students – Sadgurunath K & Akhila

Soft skills workshop to Swadha foundation Students Overview of the event: Interactive session with students. Topics related to Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Communication skills, body language skills with Team building activities will be covered. Location: Anantapur Date: March 1st weekend (Tentative) Duration: 4 hours Urs, Sadgurunath K

#Scribe (Helping Visually Challenged in writing exams)- Srikanth, Deepa & Team

Sadguru, firstly i really want to appreciate for your role being a mentor for making public educated . Regarding as a Scribe, its not like something i would feel Proud, motivated , helped , spent personal time with others, its my personal opinion that i did something which added somewhat satisfactory for giving time myself spending with children which in fact i would must thankful for them for their valuable… Read More »#Scribe (Helping Visually Challenged in writing exams)- Srikanth, Deepa & Team

Spending time in Orphanage – Saiteja & Team

Fruit Distribution & Spending time in Orphanage College: KSRM Engineering college, Kadapa. Location & Date:  SaiBaba Orphanage, Kadapa &  18th Feb 2018 Team participated in service: Sai Teja & his friends Event Details: Hi All, Today we (me with Chandan,Chandra mouli and Arshad) went to Saibaba orphanage located in Kadapa. We have spent our time with them and  distributed apples, biscuit packets and juice to them. There are 25 students are… Read More »Spending time in Orphanage – Saiteja & Team

Friends2Support – Sadgurunath K

It is an NGO working on blood donation. Our journey started from past few years. I need to thank Shareef & RamMohan for trusting me and providing Awareness sessions to my friends Even it is an on my continuous service related activity. Many of my friends registered in website. Generally I receive calls from my friends related to Blood requirement. I have list of my friends who are interested in… Read More »Friends2Support – Sadgurunath K

Mind & It’s Control

Hi friends, Good day..! Is it really necessary to control our mind ? Why..? We can see daily examples like people are struggling to wake up early in the morning.. Some people are addicted to mobiles some addicted to food..They really face challenge to get rid of some habits..but some people win and some people lose in the game of mind. ‘ YOU ARE WHAT YOUR MIND IS ‘ A… Read More »Mind & It’s Control