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            In our so-called busy world, we think that we are busy with our own work. Many people don’t know about people around them; but the fact is that we have become materialistic.

But there are a few, who are striving to make this world a better place. 

We must magnify our vision to see those beautiful hearts; Our team did it.

We came across a beautiful heart “Anupama Tirumalasettywho is helping street dogs and taking care of them by saving and looking after street dogs.

“It’s just not only her passion which is also her compassion!!” where she can listen to their voices & understands their emotions, not everyone can feel or do this.

We have learnt many things from her and it’s our pleasure to share her views & her Love towards dogs…..

Other creatures like cats, birds can take care of themselves. But dogs always strive for their community.

Dogs barks at strangers, they show their teeth if they see a wrong person, they always try to protect their people and area. But people don’t understand it. They will blame dogs and throw stones on them.

Under the illusion of development, we dried all wells for building houses, cut down all the trees for widening roads…Then where animals should go for shade and water???

Can we walk without shoes on cement and tar roads in summer??  But stray dogs do that and they don’t have any option. They too get their paws burned & get dehydrated also they will suffer from hunger, but there is no humanity exists in this world.

People neither allows them into their house nor even keeps a bowl of food/water for them. Imagine their agony. Humans can communicate for need and we do and can understand, but animals are like 1-year-old, they feel everything like the way we feel, but their only expressions are a sad look, which 95% of humans wouldn’t understand.

Mother & their Pups Love:

            When dogs give birth, they don’t even go in search of food; they will just look after their pups up to 54 days and incase after 4 -5 days if they go they will come back running as soon as possible as they cannot leave their pups to be exposed to danger reason being fear of other dogs, rats etc. The mother care would be in such a way that till the pups learn to live independently like eat by itself & start walking; their mother would be extremely possessive where she will not even let anyone to come near to her pups and sometimes even she bites after giving warning growls…..No harm or wonder in doing this here because “Won’t any mother go to any level of extremes to protect their child??” They do right!!

So the same thing happens with each and every female irrespective of species it belongs to.

After reading this at least you people try to help the street dogs. 

“Creating awareness is good; But Setting an example can create miracles”

Don’t we have Indian Acts that say about Stray dog’s killings?

Yes, we have barely having a fine of RS 50/-, as per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

Recent Incident:

            In India it is illegal to kill dogs, but we have seen few recent cases as mentioned below.

In 2017, a medical student from Chennai threw a dog from the rooftop of a building, and another friend filmed the entire act.

In a more gruesome incident in Bengaluru, a woman flung eight puppies on a boulder, smashing their skulls in the process. Both perpetrators got out on bail after paying a petty fine.

There are many more things to learn related to stray dogs and other domestic animals from Blue Cross Hyderabad website.

They are providing some training as well in animal interest. Please find the below link.

 “This world is not only for us, but also has equal rights to all creatures too”.

            Our Special thanks to Anupama Tirumalasetty on creating awareness about such an important and neglected issue.

Anupama Tirumalasetty & Chaitanya  

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