#Scribe (Helping Visually Challenged in writing exams)- Srikanth, Deepa & Team

Sadguru, firstly i really want to appreciate for your role being a mentor for making public educated .

Regarding as a Scribe, its not like something i would feel Proud, motivated , helped , spent personal time with others, its my personal opinion that i did something which added somewhat satisfactory for giving time myself spending with children which in fact i would must thankful for them for their valuable time. I dont feel like they are disabled further matter they are simply cute and more of intellectuals as the way they are.

My heart doesn’t support me referring the word HELPING, DISABLE STUDENTS kind of stuff which actually pointing out their disability when i noticed them in the school it was observed they wont seem to be sad for being disable actually its look opposite they look more happy being so friendly each other at moment it was in my mind why should i feel sorry for them its pointless feeling sorry considering their disability …but yes we should be proud enough that they welcomed us as their known persons so its more of the thing where we find self satisfaction nothing more than it.

All its kind of our participation for their visions and thoughts putting them into real. They can achieve great success if they are given enough opportunity. So we are like their accommodations for bringing their vision into writings.‚Äč

Srikanth Nandala

2 thoughts on “#Scribe (Helping Visually Challenged in writing exams)- Srikanth, Deepa & Team”

  1. Thanks Srikanth for sharing such an wonderful experience. Looking forward for your new events..

    Thank you Deepa for your dedication towards service..We need to learn a lot from you..


  2. Sadguru, much appreciated you being responsible nd reaching public with your voice n the services you are doing.
    Nd thanks for creating a platform like this where has more visibility for the public about the good cause .keep up this work nd God bless you !

    Deepa , you are such an asm personality and like an inspiration to many ppl .Bless you !

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