Spending time with Children – Swadha Foundation Team

Event Venue: Guru Raghavendra Orphanage/Old Age home, Anantapur.

Team details: Swadha Team( Pavani, Nandini, Aswani, Tulasi, ThimmaRaj, Vijay and Yamini.

Event details: Spending time with children followed with Sweets distribution

Hi All,

This is Pavani, a student of Swadha foundation. With the financial and moral support we are receiving from Swadha foundation and the motivational session from Sadguru sir few weeks back, we want to spend some time towards service.

We have spent 3 hours there chitchatting with children and played games with them.

After interacting with old people and children we come to know the value of our parents.

We are very happy to spend time over there, planning to do many service activities in future.


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  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
    So happy to that I am also a part of this mind relaxing service.thank you Swadhafoundation and Sadhguru sir for motivating us to do this.
    Pavani u explained our feelings nicely

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